Velkommen til Oengus.

Oengus is a free tool to manage your speedrunning marathons from submissions to schedule.

To have access to all features, please log in with the following link. You will be able to create new marathons and submit to existing ones:

If you wish to test the application before creating an application, please go to the sandbox environment. It is available for all your testing and discovery purposes.

Planned features

  • Coop/races submissions
  • Multiple runs selection systems (direct pick, votes…)
  • Easy scheduling system with runners availabilities visualization
  • Accounts sync to connect with Twitter/Twitch/Google
  • Discord-integrasjon
  • E-postmerknader
  • Donation management through PayPal
  • Volunteer application manager

Marathons calendar (Full kalender)


Germench Fun Event 2021 DE Slutter in 7 days Really Really Long a Thon 5 EN Slutter in 19 days

Kommende maraton

Maraton Argentina de Speedruns 3 ES Starter in 4 days Giochi d un Fiato Christmas Edition IT Starter in 5 days Midwest MiniFest EN Starter in 5 days Maraton SGES Winter 2021 ES Starter in 10 days Green Gaming Fest EN Starter in 12 days

Åpen for innsendelser

AWTS - All I Want for Christmas is Speed EN Submissions close in 5 days Gerri Aid EN Submissions close in 7 days Indiethon EN Submissions close in 14 days UKSG Winter 2022 EN Submissions close in 16 days Fastest Furs Best of 2021 Showcase EN Submissions close in 17 days BoxHoundTV Marathon 2021 FR Submissions close in 25 days RBG Gold Rush winter 2022 EN Submissions close in 26 days Ida-Aid EN Submissions close in 33 days FTLGMarathon January 2022 EN Submissions close in 34 days Harvest Moon Valentines 6 EN Submissions close in 35 days Mystery Dungeon RTA FES 3 JA Submissions close in 35 days SRUY Febrero 2022 ES Submissions close in 41 days Sonic Adventure Era Marathon EN Submissions close in 68 days InstaSpeedathon 2022 EN Submissions close in 69 days Obscurathon EN Submissions close 52 years ago Clive Aid EN Submissions close in 105 days
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